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On a schedule personal defense/ bodyguard for a VIP personal security/ bodyguard for a VIP's family and entourage assessment of business connection preparation of the VIP's business/ trust evaluation of crisis management planning of the VIP's business/ trust OSP agents must remain in prime physical condition and have military and/or police training particular to their practical function within OSP high presence = deterrence passive crowd control around VIP, if needed active control steps with aggressive, relentless people, fans, and so on.

These 'plainclothes' representatives are able to blend in well. executive security services. We also offer bodyguards in more commanding battle dress uniform, which can be utilized when a VIP customer needs a strong and visible security existence. These operatives can be used in combination with our discreet guards to secure occasion boundaries, draw attention away from clients, and supply participants with a point of contact to report suspicious activity.

In addition, all of our agents are Licensed Emergency situation Car Operators (EVOC) and are highly trained dignitary security specialists. vip protection. OSP's viewpoint is that we offer our prestigious VIP clients with defense that is personalized and specific. The guards and operatives that we attend to VIP protection and security are the very best in their field.


Our VIP security professionals offer reputable defense for executives, celebs, professional athletes, and anybody accustomed to remaining in the spotlight Echelon Security & Monitoring is even more than a bodyguard service we offer thorough VIP security and executive protection Reliable VIP protection relies on comprehensive advanced planning and making use of highly-trained bodyguards with qualified training and comprehensive experience Our licensed bodyguards are highly-trained issue solvers, and include multilingual bodyguards, veteran law enforcement, military, and top-level government security experts We will work with you to provide close personal defense and establish an executive security strategy including bodyguards, surveillance, advanced planning, and coordination with local authorities Anytime your individual protection security can be affected directly or indirectly.

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As a VIP, events that could trigger you harm or injury can happen at any moment. Depending upon your occupation or way of life, daily scenarios can immediately turn lethal, whether the danger is planned or opportunistic. For this reason, it's crucial to work with a knowledgeable security group who can supply an expert bodyguard that can use you assurance to set about your service with self-confidence.

This is just accomplished through thorough advanced planning that assesses threat based on an analysis of transport routes and itinerary, while still managing to remain versatile - executive security services. The requirements of the VIP must also be a main factor to consider, and most executives and celebrities prefer to work with bodyguards that can "mix in" while still offering undeviating security.

Tier's Bodyguards are Qualified VIP Security Professionals. The credentials of your bodyguards matter. At Tier Security & Monitoring, we release specifically trained and certified VIP security experts that include individuals with veteran police, government security, bilingual and military experience to guarantee your individual protection. These backgrounds offer them with the knowledge and real-world experience needed to manage your security needs, in any situation and within any industry.

Every bodyguard employed by Tier must satisfy exacting requirements to ensure they are of the greatest quality. You can depend on the reality that your bodyguard was fully vetted and licensed before being thought about for our group. They are then trained specifically for Tier by individual defense specialists to challenge obstacles, alleviate risks, prepare for hazards, de-escalate potentially damaging situations, and solve any issues that may occur inconspicuously and appropriately.

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Our bodyguards must be capable of remaining professional in the most tight spots, while still handling the requirements of the VIP. They must also be able to make choices as circumstances necessitate, while still working within the criteria laid out in advance by the client, and detailed in pre-deployment meetings that detail what is expected of each bodyguard.

The professionals at Tier Defense & Security will work straight with you to fully establish an extensive protection strategy that prepares for potential issues and maximizes the security of the VIP. Each bodyguard belongs to the team, and will be totally informed concerning their specific responsibilities. We take unique care to make sure that the bodyguard's mission is custom tailored to the level of risk related to the customer, which each has the necessary training to do their task efficiently.

Extra bodyguard assistance may conduct background investigations of people that may communicate with the customer, and advance sweeps of locations into which the VIP is travelling. Each member of the professional VIP security team will be discreet, expert, diligent, and fully capable of handling unpredicted problems within the criteria set out by the customer.